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Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 50K+ yen : Details


Quad LFO is a 4-channel variable LFO module. In addition to waveform parameters such as Frequency, Phase, Shape, Distort, and Level, parameters that can be selected with a switch can be set for each channel. Use the LFO select button at the bottom to select a channel before editing.

The set time can be switched from Slow / Fast / Tempo Sync by a switch. In the case of Tempo Sync, the time is set in a form synchronized with the input clock. The parameters set with the slider are as follows.
  • Frequency: LFO speed control
  • Phase: Waveform start timing control
  • Shape: Control to morph between waveforms of sine ~ ramp ~ saw ~ pulse
  • Distort: ​​Control that adds dirty elements to the LFO, such as FOLD ~ BIT CRUSH ~ NOISE
  • Level: Control of output waveform size

"Follow" or "Trig" switches the LFO trigger mode for each envelope
Press Follow on CH2-4 to light it up, and the speed will be equal to CH1. Since the Phase can be set independently, you can realize an LFO (quadrature mode) that alternates at the same speed. When you press Trig to make it light, the LFO operates in one-shot mode in which only one cycle can be output by the gate input.

The Quad LFO has a clock input, and slider parameter operations can be recorded and looped in 16 steps synchronized with the clock for each channel (automation). Select the channel to record and move the slider while pressing the RECORD button. Changes in the recorded parameters are reflected in a smoothed manner, but if you want to automate stepwise steps, you can switch between stepwise and smoothing by pressing the corresponding channel button while pressing the Record button. Automation can be cleared by holding CLEAR and moving the slider. The reset input is used to reset the automation sequence. The automation sequence direction can be changed for each channel.

You can also link with Varigate 8 + / 4 +, and if you share the same power bus, you can:
  • If not patched to CLK, Varigate's clock will drive automation
  • Saving presets on the Varigate side: By saving on the Varigate side, you can save the automation sequence on the Varigate side. The number of presets that can be stored at this time depends on the Varigate side.