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Make Noise Wogglebug

¥38,900 (Tax excluded ¥ 35,364)
Easy to use West Coast style random voltage generator / modulator!

Format: Eurorack
Width: 10HP
Depth: 24mm
Current: 50mA @ + 12V, 40mA @ -12V
Japanese manual (pdf)
Manual pdf (English)

* This product may have scratches or scratches due to the characteristics of the panel using the printed circuit board. Please note on your purchase.


Japanese manual (pdf)

Wogglebug is a random voltage generator licensed from the West Coast style synthesizer called Wiard, with Make Noise's own extensions. This module is an extension of the Buchla 265 "Source of Uncertainty", which produces a smooth, irregular signal and a random step-like signal.

The whole panel structure is divided into 3 sections, and from the top is the AUDIO / CV / CLOCK section. The core of Wogglebug is the CV section. In the CV section"ID" signalIs a random noise source. On the other side of this signal"EGO" signal (external input signal)Based on the signal obtained by mixing these two signals with the EGO / ID balance knob, sample and hold with the clock signal generated from the CLK section, and the VCO sound controlled by those signals is recorded in the AUDIO section. I will output from.

Wogglebug has
  • One voltage controllable clock (clk section)
  • 1 sample & hold (output from CV section, STEPPED OUT)
  • 2 lag processors (CV section, producing SMOOTH / WOGGLE CV)
  • "Random Gate Burst Generator" that fires a random gate signal (clk section, Burst output)
  • Digital ring modulator (AUDIO section, Ring-Mod output) using two VCOs (SMOOTH VCO, WOGGLE VCO)
Built in, most of them are CV controllable by patching. In addition, each section does not move independently of each other, but it is possible to take out multiple random voltages that are also musically related by entwining the movements in a complicated way. For example, moving the Ego / Id balance control will affect all Step CV, Smooth CV, Woggle CV, SMOOTH VCO, Ring Mod VCO ((Ring-Mod VCO), Woggle VCO).
The explanation of each part is displayed by mouse over