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Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 50K+ yen : Details

Make Noise Strega

¥113,900 (Tax excluded ¥103,545)
A new type of stand-alone synthesizer signal processor with Make Noise

Stand-alone semi-modular synthesizer (voltage compatible with Eurorack)
English Manual (PDF)



Strega is a new type of electronic musical instrument device jointly developed with Make Noise and Alessandro Cortini.Housed in the same size housing as the company's 0-Coast and 0-Ctrl, Strega is equipped with 11 unique golden touch plates for faster routing switching.

  • Equipped with 7 modulation sources and 13 modulation destinations
  • Touch Bridge and Gateway allow temporary modulation changes
  • The voltage used is compatible with Eurorack
  • Equipped with an input jack for combining and processing external sounds
  • Includes patch cable, output cable, and AC adapter that can be used in Japan
  • Equipped with headphone line level output in addition to Eurorack level output
  • Well-built compact steel enclosure
  • Same outer dimensions as 0-Coast and 0-Ctrl


Strega from the leftExternal signal input/Sound generator/Filter&delay, And are roughly divided into three functional sections, separated by gold lines without arrows.Also, of the variable function generatorAgitation function generatorsection(Lower right), control the output levelresultThe sections (upper right) are also clearly separated by lines.The arrows and white squares around the I / O jacks are designed like traditional Make Noise modules.


The explanation of each part is displayed by mouse over
Beginning the Strega Experiment

The maximum output handled by Strega is20Vpp and highDepending on the settings, it may hurt external devices and ears.In playingLevelIt is important to use the controls to set the volume appropriately.

When playing Strega for the first time, adjust all control knobs except Level to the 12 o'clock position.With this setting, you can gradually raise the Level and adjust the volume to a comfortable level to hear the sound of Strega (activation).Refer to the above image map,Activation ConstantandActivation InterferenceOperate the knobs to make changes to Strega's sound.You can deepen your understanding of each parameter by setting both parameters to the minimum values ​​and operating one at a time.

TonicAdjust the knob to lower the pitch,Tonic Modulation InterferenceSet the knob to the minimum value (no modulation / interference).TonesBy adjusting the knob over the entire operating range, you can formulate ideas for a variety of tones.

next,Time ModulationSet the knob to the minimum value,BlendSet the control to the maximum value andTeamLet's operate the control knob over the entire operating range.You can hear the Strega sound and noise avalanche at around 9:00.TonicYou can create pitch changes by fine-tuning the knob counterclockwise.

continue,AbsorbsGradually increase the value of the control clockwise to adjust it to the maximum. Gradually adjust the Filter knob counterclockwise to squeeze to the minimum value. Raise the Filter CV Attenuator to the maximum valueAgitation function generatorLet's pay attention to.Speed,andAngleYou can understand how each parameter works by adjusting the parameters throughout the operating range.

Potential Connections

Symbols, lines and arrows designed on Strega's panels indicate potential connections between circuits.These connections can be bridged with patch cables or metal platesPress with two or more fingersIt works with things.The circular metal plateTouch BridgesIs the source of the modulation signal.The square metal platetouch gatewaysThis is called a destination, and the modulation will be activated by combining at least one of each type.

Inputs equipped with attenuators can be used to control the depth of the connection.The symbol indicates the type of signal, the white line indicates the alchemical path of the signal, and the gold arrow indicates that the signal path is internally connected.

Processing External Substances

StregaExternal Substance InCan process external audio input to.If necessaryStrengthAdd gain with the knob,Strength outPatch the output from to any patch point, orExternal ConstantSignal by increasing the value of the controlTime / FilterYou can also send it to a section and add it.Also,CV1From the output, the signal processed by the Strength circuitAs DC voltageIt can be taken out (Envelope follower).