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Make Noise RxMx

End of production
A 6-input mixer that enables smooth and complex mixes with crossfades and level controls using bactrol!
Format: Eurorack
Width: 20HP
Depth: 24mm
Current: 35mA @ + 12V, 30mA @ -12V
Manual pdf (English)


Aux A

Aux input to A group channels.

Aux C

Aux input to C group channels.

Output A

It is an A output that outputs a mixture of CH1, CH2, and Aux A signals.When not patched here, the signal is mixed and output from the B output.

Output B

The B output outputs a signal that mixes CH3 and CH4, but if the A output and C output are not patched, that signal is also mixed. If only B is patched in the A to C outputs, the mix of signals for all 6 channels can be extracted.

Output C

It is a C output that outputs a mixture of CH5, CH6, and Aux C signals.When not patched here, the signal is mixed and output from the B output.


The signal input and its attenuator.

Channel Control

A channel knob and CV that control which channel of CH1 to CH6 is mainly output.There are two types of CV inputs, with and without an atte inverter (unity gain). Both CV ranges are 2-0V.

Radiate control

The Radiate Control knob and CV mix the signals of nearby channels around the channel set by the Channel control.If you turn it all the way to the right, the front channel will be output evenly.Turn it all the way to the left to make one channel. The CV range is 1-0V.

Level control

Level controls the level of output.It operates as a low-pass gate and can be opened by a Strike input (assuming an 8V gate signal input) in addition to normal CV control. The CV range is 0-8V.

When you move the cursor to the screen, the role of each part is displayed in a pop-up.


RxMx is a 6-input / 3-output mixer that uses plenty of bactrol.Taking advantage of the slow response peculiar to Bactrol, crossfades between channels and level control with very smooth decays allow for a unique fluid mix. By triggering the Strike input, you can also produce the same organic and percussive sound as Optomix.

Signal routing

RxMx has 6 channel inputs (with attenuator) and 2 Aux inputs.These input signals are further balanced by the "Channel" and "Radiate" controls.The signal adjusted in this way is output from the three outputs of A / B / C.

The A output can be the adjusted CH1 and CH2 mix signal, the B output can be the same CH3 and CH4 mix signal, and the C output can be the CH5 and CH6 mix signal, but they are patched to the A and C outputs. If not, the corresponding mix signal switches the output to B output.Therefore, if neither of the A / C outputs is patched, the B output can output a mixed signal of all 6 channels.

Channel / Radiate / Level Control

The knobs on the "Channel" control and the CV set the distance between the output center channels. The "Radiate" control sets how much the signal of the channel far from the center channel is mixed and output. The "Level" control sets the overall volume.Similar to the low-pass gate, these controls use bactrol, which allows for a very smooth and fluid crossfade.


If you connect to the expansion header on the RxMx board using the 10-pin socket for signal output on the FXDf or DPO board, you can use the output of those modules as an input to RxMx without patching. RxMx makes it easy to crossfade the output of different spectra of FXDf and the output of various waveforms of DPO.If you patch the input jack of RxMx in this state, the signal to the same channel via the expansion header will be disconnected, so you can use it as a single RxMx without any problem.For connectionmanualSee also the photo inside.