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Make Noise Pressure Points

¥36,900 (Tax excluded ¥ 33,545)
A manual controller that uses copper wires and can be used like an advanced keyboard! Combined with Brains, it can also be a sequencer.

Format: Eurorack
Width: 20HP
Depth: 24mm
Current: 20mA @ + 12V
Japanese manual (pdf)
Manual pdf (English)

* Brains is no longer in production


Japanese manual (pdf)

Pressure Points (PP) is a manual controller that has the function of expanding a keyboard by pressing a touch plate made of copper wire. However, this keyboard can "play" anything controlled by the CV, not the pitch.

In PP, if you press the touch plate,
  • The voltage set by the three knobs on each touch plate is output from the three Tuned Voltage Outs on the right side.
  • Gate voltage from Gate Out
  • From the Pressure Out, a voltage corresponding to the force to press the touch plate
And a total of 5 types of signals are output. When you release the touch plate, the voltage from Gate Out and Pressure Out becomes 0, and the voltage from Tuned Voltage Out remains the same.

To use it like a standard keyboard, input Gate Out into the envelope generator and Out X into the oscillator pitch 1V / Oct input. Applying it further
  • Put the Pressure Out into the CV in of the module where the sound signal is passing, and patch it so that the tone changes with the strength with which you press it.
  • Out Y Out Z into another oscillator's pitch 1V / Oct input, and use one finger to switch between 1 chords.

You can use it like this, or you can use it in completely different ways.

As a device for storing presets, switching, and expanding The voltage output from the Tuned Voltage Out is the X, Y, and Z knobs that correspond to the touch plate that was touched last, so by sending the destination to various CV in, you can switch between the three chords described above. You can do things other than the pitch of the oscillator.

As a simple example, set the X knob of stage 1 to 9 o'clock, set the X knob of stage 2 to about 3 o'clock, and touch the touch plates 1 and 2 alternately to switch the voltage from OUT X instantly. , X destination module can be used to switch on / off "2 states".

If you use all X ~ ZYou can instantly switch between three voltages.Furthermore, Gate Out and Press Out are output from the moment of switching until you release your finger.One-touch dramatic scene changesYou can also patch it.

In addition, you can immediately use it completely unexpectedly by simply changing the destination such as the gate or OUT X or changing the stage to take out the Press OUT or Gate OUT (see INTERFACE).
Let's experiment!

Be a sequencer with Brains! (BRAINS has been discontinued)Pressure Points are dedicatedBrainsAccording to the clock signal by connecting the expander4-step sequencerWill work as. In that casePlay the touch plate in sync with the clockIt is also possible.

Chain available Pressure Points Chain up to 4It is highly expandable (up to 2 when connected to Brains).
The explanation of each part is displayed by mouse over  


Chains and Brains are connected by changing the jumper settings on the back and connecting a 10-pin cable.
  • Rear view of Pressure Points
  • Jumper settings when chaining Pressure Points. Only the master (PP on the right side when mounted on the rack) has all three jumpers circled. When chaining, remove all jumpers on PPs other than the master. When chaining 3 or more units,Chain cablePlease purchase
    Rear view of Pressure Points


  • We are chaining 4 Pressure Points. The three PPs on the right are set as the main keyboard, and the one on the left is set to shift (transpose) the pitch of the entire melody (although not shown on the screen, the pitch CV from the main keyboard is , The pitch CV from the leftmost PPMATHAre mixed in.).

    Pressure Points Improv from James Cigler on Vimeo.