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Make Noise Erbe-Verb

¥84,900 (Tax excluded ¥ 77,182)
All parameters can be continuously CV controlled, and a stereo reverb that changes from ordinary reverb to a different space!

Format: Eurorack
Width: 20HP
Depth: 30mm
Current: 149mA @ + 12V, 15mA @ -12V
Japanese manual (pdf)
Manual pdf (English)


Japanese manual (pdf)

Erbe-Verb is Make Noise's stereo reverb module with voltage control and continuous change algorithms.

Erbe-Verb is not a set of algorithms or presets, but a reverb that can change continuously and has voltage control.Typical reverbs like plates, rooms, halls and shimmersOf course, it can be achieved by setting the knob properly.

By being able to change the algorithm continuously,Hybrid and unreal spaceCan be simulated, and its destructive power is intense. Modulate the algorithm or sweep with knobs to make space travel possible.

The Erbe-Verb is a great component of a modular synth, not just a "stab at the end of the chain" reverb. Like Echophon, this module is coded by Tom Erbe of Soundhack.
  • Mono in, stereo (or mono) output, and dry signal are analog.
  • Reverb size ranges from "coffin" to "sky".
  • The decay setting can be set continuously, and even infinite feedback areas can be set.
  • Pre-Delay isWide range from 7ms to 500msCan be set.
  • Reverse mode can be controlled with a button or gate signal.
  • The reverb wall's sound absorption (ABSORB control), modulation Depth control, and modulation Speed ​​control allow for resonance, chorused Doppler effects, shimmer-like sounds, and more.
  • The Tilt control acts as a good EQ for the reverb sound. It is possible to cut / emphasize low and high frequencies.
  • Pre-Delay, reverse, and modulation speed are all via the TEMPO input.Can be synchronized with an external clock.
  • CV Out affects other modules in the system.
  • 24-bit / 48kHz codec, high-performance DSP with 32-bit operation and efficient power consumption
  • In particularMorphageneIt will go well with
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Here's a typical reverb setting: For full CCW, turn the knob all the way to the left, and for full CW, turn the knob all the way to the right. Set Absorb to full CCW at 12 o'clock for Speed ​​and Depth unless you are particularly careful. Set Tilt to your liking so that it blends well. 

Of course this is a starting point and you will find many interesting zones between these settings.


This is a video explaining Make Noise itself.

Typical reverb setting