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Make Noise Dynamix

End of production
Low-pass gate with fast dynamics

Format: Eurorack
Width: 10HP
Depth: 24mm
Current: 55mA @ + 12V, 45mA @ -12V
Manual pdf (English)


Dynamix is ​​a low-pass gate module that aims to respond quickly to CV.With a circuit that uses transistors instead of the bactrol used in conventional low-pass gates, both frequency characteristics and volume (VCF / A) can be changed by CV.If you input audio to the DYNAMIC control, you can use the signal as a chain input again for ducking. Dynamic has two such low-pass gates, and it is also possible to take out a mixed output. You can chain the mixer by inputting the output of another mixer (or another Dynamic module) to the AUX input.
  • Fast response analog low-pass gate function ideal for level control by AM or ADSR
  • Input gain adjustment function that enables mild overdrive
  • Dynamic input that can also be used as a side chain input for ducking and expander functions
  • It is also possible to process CV
  • You can mix more channels by chaining Dynamix and Optomix with Aux input



Input Jack

Input the audio or CV to process with Dynamix

Signal Input Drive

Adjust the input gain to Dynamix. It becomes the same magnification (unity gain) at the 1 o'clock position, and if a modular level signal is input, the signal will be distorted after 3 o'clock.

Dynamic Control

In the Dynamic Controls section, you can take audio as an input and use its volume change to modulate the magnitude of the input signal.If you move the Attenu barter to the left of the center, the louder the sound in the Dynamic input, the smaller the input signal, and if you turn the Attenu barter to the right, the louder the Dynamic input, the larger the input signal.Therefore, you can get the effect like ducking by side chain compression.If you patch a signal that does not change in volume to Dynamic, no effective effect will be obtained.

If it is not patched to the Dynamic input, the signal to the regular signal input will be patched to the Dynamic input as is.

Level control

The output volume is controlled by the CV input to the Level jack.The level control knob under the jack becomes an attenuator, and you can adjust the strength of the input CV, but in Dynamix, the tone changes depending on the output volume, so if you change the strength of the CV with this attenuator, not only the volume but also the tone It will change.If you want to change the output volume without changing the tone, adjust the Signal Input Drive knob.

The Level jack has 8V internally wired when unpatched, so you can manually control the output volume.The tone will change at this time as well.


CH 1 signal output

Channel 2

CH2 is the same as CH1

Aux Input

The audio and CV signals patched here are mixed with the Mix output and output. It can also be used when chaining and mixing Dynamix, Optomix, etc.

Mix output

Mix Output that mixes and outputs all the input signals to CH1, CH2, and Aux.