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Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 50K+ yen : Details

Make Noise 0-CTRL

¥72,900 (Tax excluded ¥ 66,273)
Standalone, Eurorack compatible modular synth controller with touch plate

format: Stand-alone CV / Gate controller (voltage compatible with Eurorack)
size: 14cm (D) x 23cm (W) x 2cm (H)
AC adapter usable in Japan, 4 patch cables, 2 stackable patch cables included
(0-Coast in the image is not included)

English Manual (PDF)


0-CTRL is a patchable and clockable controller / step sequencer made for voltage controlled synthesizers.0-Coast It is designed to be very compatible with the patch, but since the input and output voltage range is Eurorack compatible, it is also suitable for other modular systems and patchable table top synths.

  • Full analog patch programmable. There are no menus or modes.
  • Set the 3 parameters of Pitch, Strength and Time for each step to control the synthesizer voice
  • Voltage control of stop and direction is possible
  • Touch to reset to that step during the sequence
  • CV output according to pressure applied to gate
  • The gate and envelope outputs can also control the voltage height, making it very easy to give step-by-step intonation
  • The gate output for each step allows you to control the behavior of the sequence by patching and create a trigger event specific to the step.
  • Equipped with clock input / output, you can create sequences synchronized with an external modular system.
  • It is also possible to interrupt the sequence by touching the touch plate and play on the touch plate

How to Use

In 0-CTRL, there are three main CV sequence strings, which are called Pitch / Strength / Time channels from the top. For each internal or external clock, the sequence advances one step at a time in three columns, and the voltage corresponding to the knob of each channel on that step is output from the three Channel CV Outputs.

The CV outputs of the three channels can output a step-like CV sequence according to the knob position, but in addition to that, the Strength and Time channels are designed to play special roles and outputs. FirstStrengthThe channels are also internally connected to the CV inputs to control the height of the "Dynamic Gate" and "Dynamic Envelope", so you can control their peak heights with the Strength channel knobs. If the Strength channel knob at the current step is fully left, the Dynamic Gate will not come out, and the gate will become higher as the knob goes to the right. So is the envelope. Using these dynamic gates and envelopes will make it easier to add velocity dynamics to your sequence.TimeThe channel can also be modulated by changing the sequence speed step by step through the internal connection to the Time CV.

Supports another major feature, 1 stepsTouch plateWith, you can select the sequence step, output the voltage and gate according to the pressure (contact area) when you press the plate, and you can also control the tone and use it like a keyboard. The three touch plates on the left side control the transport settings, etc., but these can also be used as part of the performance because they can be accessed quickly.

On the upper leftReset, Stop, DirThere are transport-related gate inputs such as, and you can add variations to the sequence. eachGate output for each stagePatching these jacks to these jacks will make it easier to change the sequence on their own.

* When patching with the Eurorack system etc., if one patch cable is connected between two devices, the behavior may be strange due to ground problems. In that case, try patching another dummy, 2-Ctrl, and the input / output of the external device.


The explanation of each part is displayed by mouse over.