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L-1 Quad VC Resonant Equalizer

¥88,900 (Tax excluded ¥ 80,818)
High-quality 4-channel parametric equalizer / resonator with individual output and self-oscillation function

Format: Eurorack
Width: 24HP
Depth: 35mm
Current: 193mA @ + 12V, 193mA @ -12V

The color of the DIP switch visible from the panel may change


The L-1 Quad VC Equalizer is a 4-channel VC parametric equalizer / resonator.Each channel implements a bandpass filter circuit with the same band.Channel 1 can be changed to high-pass mode and channel 4 can be changed to low-pass mode, which also functions as a low shelf / high shelf.


A 4-channel parametric equalizer with independent inputs and outputs is connected in series, and the output of each channel is normalized to the input of the succeeding channel.If you want to disconnect channels 1 and 2 from the SUM output, enter a new signal at the input of channel 3.

All parameters per channel are CV controllable, plus a master CV input that simultaneously controls the frequency, bandwidth, and amplitude of all channels.

A resonance loop is created by turning on the DIP switch on the front panel, and the filter starts self-oscillation when LEVEL is a positive electrode.It can be used for V / Oct trimming and simply acts as a sine wave.

  • FREQUENCY: Controls the peak frequency of the band with a bandwidth of 10 octaves. The CV input responds to input voltages from 0V to 10V at 1V / Oct, and the base frequency can be adjusted with a trim pot on the board.
  • BANDWIDTH: Controls bandwidth from 0.8 to 24 semitones. The CV input goes from -5V to + 5V.
  • LEVEL: Controls the channel amplitude with a width of ± 16 dB.It is useful as a bandpass mode by setting it on the positive electrode, and as a notch mode on the negative electrode. The CV input goes from -5V to + 5V.