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Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 50K+ yen : Details

Klavis Twin Waves

End of production
Hyper Utility Oscillator with 8 VCO / LFO on 2HP

Format: Eurorack
Width: 8HP
Depth: 38mm
Current: 46mA @ + 12V, 18mA @ -12V
Manual pdf (English)


Klavis Twin Waves has two VCOs (or LFOs) with independently selectable algorithms on 8HPUltra compact dual oscillatoris. For each oscillator, you can select various algorithms prepared for each VCO / LFO by pushing the rotary encoder → rotating → pushing. The algorithm is also shown on the display. The rotary encoder is also used to control algorithm-specific parameters.

As a VCO, you can create two unique sounds that are usually time-consuming and space-consuming, from the basic sine wave and pulse sounds to sync and detune sounds and selectable FM / AM options with the minimum patch. I will. In LFOClock synchronization(Or its Div / Mult) is also possible,Random waveformCan also be output.

Also in terms of operability, Twin Waves has been carefully designed to take advantage of digital strength and ensure comfortable operability in the smallest space. Since OSC1 and OSC2 share the control of the knob or button, the knob position and the actual pitch value may deviate, but in that case the upper right LED does not light and the knob passes the actual pitch position. The pitch does not change until you do. When the knob reaches the actual pitch position, the LED will light, a message will be displayed on the screen, and the knob will control the pitch. When in LFO mode, the Fine pitch knobAttenuatorIt is also useful for modulating the OSC2 LFO to the OSC1 VCO.QuantizerIs also installed. In the future, the firmware will be updated to become a more fulfilling oscillator.

Main features (as of firmware 1.20)
  • Two oscillators can select VCO or LFO independently
  • 10V / Oct tracking (VCO) over 1 octaves
  • Sub-octave output (VCO)
  • Linear FM at audio rate (VCO)
  • Hard sync (reset), soft sync (reverse) possible (VCO)
  • Various scales can be selected from the Quantizer option (see manual for specific scale) (VCO)
  • Clock synchronization (divide and multiplies are also possible) (LFO)
  • Fine knob control of output level (LFO)
  • Display function by LED dot display
  • The settings will be saved automatically, and the settings will be automatically recalled at the next power-on.
  • Firmware is possible by pouring audio


VCO Algorithms


LFO Algorithms

firmware Update

Twin Waves allows you to update the firmware by pouring audio into the module. You can check the current version by pressing the OSC2 button and the SYNC button at the same time. The latest firmware isManufacturer pagePlease check below to download. As of October 2017, the latest firmware is 10. The update method is as follows
  • Turn off Twin Waves power
  • Patch the output of your audio playback device with the FM / AM input of Twin Waves
  • Prepare for audio playback. The Wav file in the downloaded Zip file will be played.
  • Set the playback volume to about 2/3
  • Turn on Twin Waves while holding down the Osc2 and Sync buttons
  • The green and blue LEDs will blink and you will be in the update standby state.
  • Start playing audio
  • When the update is successful, the green LED will light up, the blue LED will blink, and the dots on the display will show the progress of the update.
  • If the update is successful, the display will show a success message, so press the encoder to return to normal mode
  • If the volume is too low, the red LED will light and the two blue LEDs will blink. Adjust the level and press the encoder, the green LED will blink, so play the file again from the beginning
  • If the sound is too loud or the update fails due to other reasons, please restart the above process from the beginning


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