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Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 50K+ yen : Details

Joranalogue Generate 3

¥59,900 (Tax excluded ¥54,455)
Next-generation analog oscillator that allows through zero modulation of frequency, phase, amplitude, even and odd overtones

Format: Eurorack
Width: 12HP
Depth: 30mm
Current: 130mA @ + 12V, 115mA @ -12V
Manual PDF (English)

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Generate 3 is an analog oscillator equipped with a next-generation circuit that allows through-zero modulation of the basic elements of sound: frequency, phase, amplitude, and timbre.

Generate 3 is equipped with a triangle core, and the triangular wave produced from the high-precision core passes through various wave shaping sections to produce a wide range of waveforms.Frequency modulation (FM)Modulates the frequency of this core, but with the through-zero FM, which is also used in Generate 3, the waveform is actually reversed in the left-right direction to correctly represent the negative frequency range, enabling deeper FM. .

The triangle wavePhase modulationGo through the section Here, the phase of the triangular wave is modulated by the audio rate to change the sound, but you can create an FM-like sound while maintaining pitch stability without accessing the core frequency. Phase is -450°Since it moves up to + 450 °, through zero modulation is possible.

Furthermore, in the additive synthesis section of Generate 3,Separate volume for the fundamental, even harmonics, and odd harmonicsIt is controllable. In addition, since the negative amplitude region can be correctly expressed by turning the waveform upside down, only even harmonics can be mixed in reverse phase,Through zero AM for each harmonic component(Ring modulation) can be performed.

In addition to these modulation performances, it has the following features. Since there are many outputs, you can change the tone with a self-patch, and you can extract an extremely wide range of tones by combining it with an oscillator for modulation. 

  • High-precision tri-angle angle core oscillator with high stability
  • core (triangle wave one octave below), fundamental (sign), even (saw), odd and full (mix of each harmonic channel).
  • 1V / Oct tracking possible at full audio range
  • Exponential FM with Attenuverter
  • Through zero linear FM with combo knob that doubles as symmetry and attenuverter. This input can be AC ​​coupled or 5V offset with a switch.
  • Through zero phase modulation with 900 ° range
  • Through zero AM is possible for each of the fundamental, even harmonic, and odd harmonic components
  • Both reset (hard) sync and flip (soft) sync are possible at the same time.
  • Can be used as an LFO in low frequency mode. Both modes together move from 2.8 mmHz (6 minute period) to 27 kHz.
  • Display output signal with dual color LED
  • Trim pot accessible from front


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