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Joranalogue Enhance 2

¥33,900 (Tax excluded ¥30,818)
Analog stereo VC enhancer / processor with Mid / Side processing

Format: Eurorack
Width: 8HP
Depth: 30mm
Current: 70mA @ + 12V, 70mA @ -12V
Manual PDF (English)


Joranalogue Enhance 2 is a high quality and useful tool for stereo enhancement.Add another dimension of richness to your synthesizer and expand your acoustic palette.In,WidthAdjust and furtherInternal EQ and external process by Mid / SideIs possible, and all parameters can be controlled by voltage.

  • Analog Stereophonic Signal Enhancer / Processor
  • Constant power voltage controlStereo balance
  • From monaural to ultra wide, with voltageStereo widthControl
  • Unique and wide range of voltage control with selectable corner frequencyMid / Side tilt filter
  • Stereo → Mid / Side, Mid / Side → Stereo conversion circuitMid / Side separate processing by external module and
  • Impedance compensated output
  • 7-LED meter shows the correlation between left and right sounds



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The main parameters of stereophonic are balance (moving the sound left and right) and width (narrowing or widening the sound image).The balance circuit of this unit has adopted the true constant power gain method, and the Width section enables seamless transition from pure monaural to extra wide stereo.

For tone control, we have adopted a unique and wide range voltage-controlled Mid / Side tilt filter pair that allows you to select the corner frequency, which makes it possible to tilt by Mid / Side component.Not only can these filters easily clean up a muddy sound mix, but they also introduce a unique binaural effect by applying modulation.

In Mid / Side processing, the stereo signal is encoded into a signal containing only the monaural component (Mid) and a signal containing the difference between both channels (Side) and output to the Mid / Side jack.This signal can be taken out and external signal processing using a compressor, reverb, etc. can be executed for each Mid / Side.In addition, when the processed signal is returned to the Mid / Side input, the Mid / Side decoder returns the resulting signal to standard stereo for retrieval in the form of L / R.


Stereo Mix Widener

Easily widen your stereo mix with Enhance 2.However, the full mix cannot simply be widened without the risk of phase correlation.This is also important from a psychoacoustic point of view, as high audio frequencies are perceived to be much more directional than low frequencies, limiting the benefits of widening the low frequency components.The tilt filter allows you to adjust the stereo field of the spectrum as needed.Patch any stereo signal pair to the input jack. Set the Balance and Width controls to the center position and toggle the Tilt switch to the Bass setting.Then set the Mid Tilt knob to the 9 o'clock position and the Side Tilt knob to the 3 o'clock position.This boosts the lows of the midchannel and at the same time attenuates the highs.One side channel works the other way around so that almost all bass components are monaural in the final mix. You can widen the stereo field by adjusting the value of the Width control to be larger than the center position. By changing the Tilt filter settings, you can get a variety of effects, from delicate and natural spreads to dramatic stereo effects.

Linear VCA with Tone Control

For patches that do not require stereo processingYou can use Enhance 2 as a simple linear VCA.Set all knobs to the center position and patch any input signal to the R input. The Width knob and CV input affect the amplitude of the stereo R output.When the knob is set to the minimum value, + 5V corresponds to unity gain. When not using CV, the unity gain is reached by setting the knob to the center position.In addition, you can add spectral control to the VCA using the Side filter, and you can also perform amplitude control using the Balance parameter.The response is non-linear because the power balance control law is constant.

Stereo Tilt Filters

By default, the tilt filter consists of a Mid / Side pair, but it can also be used as a stereo tilt filter that allows you to directly adjust the tone of the left and right channels.To do this, set all knobs to the center position and patch any stereo signal to the module's Mid / Side input.Then patch the stereo output to the stereo input and use the Mid / Side output as a true stereo output pair.By exchanging the Mid / Side encoder and decoder in this way, the signal path of the module can be effectively exchanged. The Mid Tilt filter works only on the left channel and the Side Tilt filter works only on the right channel.Note that this setting causes the Balance control to affect the stereo width, and the Width knob is used to attenuate or amplify the right channel, resulting in a change in balance.Also, the phase meter is basically meaningless.

Phase meter

The Enhance 2 phase correlation meter can not only measure the correlation between two channels of a stereo signal, but also the phase shift between the same signals.To do this, set all the knobs to the center position and patch the two signals to the LR input jacks.A 2 ° phase difference is displayed between adjacent LEDs.For example, if the two signals are 2 ° out of phase, the "30" LED will light up. The two signals are sent directly to the stereo output jack at the bottom right of the module.