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Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 50K+ yen : Details

Intellijel Designs Zeroscope 1U

¥25,900 (Tax excluded ¥23,545)
Simple but super useful 2CH oscilloscope / tuner / frequency counter module!

Format: 1U (Power supply is shared with Eurorack 3U)
Width: 16HP
Depth: 26mm
Current: 8mA @ 12V

For the latest Intellijel manuals and firmwareManufacturer support pageSee also

Intellijel's 1U module is not compatible with the 1U "TILE" format from Synthrotek or Pulp Logic. Please install it in Intellijel's 4U, 7U case, etc. For Intellijel 1U size specificationsClick here for the guidelines..


Zeroscope 1U is a utility module equipped with a 2CH oscilloscope that can visualize audio and CV and a frequency counter function. 1U version of Zeroscope module by VPME.DE. The following 3 display modes are installed.
  • Scope: Oscilloscope mode that can display X and Y inputs simultaneously
  • XY: XY drawing mode that displays inputs to X and Y in 2D
  • Tuner: Tuner mode that displays the input to X and Y in frequency or scale
Since the input is DC coupled, CV can also be input. You can input a voltage in the range of -10V to 10V. Inputs are directly buffered in the output jacks. The time range can be set from 10 microseconds to 10 seconds per scale, and the voltage scale range can be set from 0.5V to 10V per scale.

Quick Guide

In basic Scope mode, the encoder is used to set display options. Press the encoder to display the following 3 parameters in order, and turn the encoder to set the value
  • CH 1: Set the vertical scale (voltage) of CH1
  • CH 2: Set the vertical scale (voltage) of CH2
  • T: Set the horizontal axis (time) scale. Only CH10 can be displayed in 1 microseconds. Also, due to the relationship between the time resolution and the anti-aliasing filter, the waveform becomes inaccurate in the range of 10 microseconds.
Display modes other than Scope mode can be set by pressing and holding the encoder for 1 second or longer. Press and hold the encoder to enter the advanced setting mode. Highlight the item you want to set from the following items, and then turn while holding down the encoder to change the setting value.
  • SCOPE: Switch the display type from Scope / XY / Tuner mode. In Tuner mode, it shows the frequency and scale of the two inputs. Switching the display between Hz and scale is done by pushing the encoder in Tuner mode.
  • TRIGGER Source: Switches the trigger used to reset the display. No trigger, you can select rising or falling edge of CH1 or 2 signal from trigger source
  • TRIGGER Detection Level: Set the trigger threshold to trigger the reset.
  • CH1 Offset: Shifts the CH1 waveform display up and down
  • CH2 Offset: Shifts the CH2 waveform display up and down
  • Grid Display: Switches display of scale display

firmware Update

Follow the steps below to update the firmware.
  1. Power down the module
  2. Connect the USB cable from the back of the module to your computer.
  3. IntellijelPagesOpen the updater downloaded from and select the module and version from the dropdowns.
  4. encoderWhile pressing, power cycle the module
  5. At the bottom of the updaterUpdateWhen the button is pressed, the progress bar starts, and when the message “Update completed successfully” is displayed at the end, the update is complete.
  6. Restart the modular and it should work with the new firmware