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Intellijel Designs XY IO 1U

¥ 2,700 (Tax excluded / tax excl)
Convenient I / O module for panel access to 3.5-pin Link via 3mm TRS jack

Format: 1U (Power supply is shared with Eurorack 3U)
Width: 4HP
Depth: 24mm
Current: Passive
Manual PDF (English)

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Intellijel's 1U module is not compatible with the 1U "TILE" format from Synthrotek or Pulp Logic. Please install it in Intellijel's 4U, 7U case, etc. For Intellijel 1U size specificationshereto see the available categories of products and services.

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Passive XY IO 1U is the company's X and Y, via two 2mm TRS jacksMixup,Pedal I / O,Palette Case 4UAnd 7U caseAudio Jacks v2 boardIt enables connection to the 3-pin Link connector used in such applications.

In addition to adding send / return functionality to two Pedal I / Os and adding stereo inputs (or outputs) to two Mixups using a 3.5mm insertion cable, If you're using Palette's TRS jack for audio output and want a compact way to send / return from Pedal I / O, you can also use X as a send and Y as a simple send / return pair like return. available.

In addition, the third 3-pin Link connector on the back panel allows access to the L / R (or send / return) jacks in a single module or case without the use of stereo cables.

Other Usage

The XY I / O can be used in the following ways depending on the device (please refer to the manual as well).

    • Create a MIDI TRS Type A to Type B converter by cross-patching the pins on the back of the module with a jumper cable.
    • Creating a simple Phone to 3.5mm converter using a case jack
    • Added a 3.5mm jack to the Stereo Line In 1U, which is ideal for small synthesizers such as the KORG Volca series and Roland Boutique series.
    • Connection of modules like ER-301 (3Pin) from I2C to 16n Faderbank (TRS)