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Intellijel Designs uScale v2

End of production
An easy-to-understand keyboard-type quantizer that can produce two types of melodies at the same time!

Format: Eurorack
Width: 6HP
Depth: 52mm
Current: 60mA @ + 12V, 7mA @ -12V
Manual pdf (English)

Jacks & Knobs

Button & LED

When you press this button, the LED will light up and only the voltage of the activated pitch will be output. The top is C (do) and the bottom is B (shi).You can also set each menu item by pressing and holding.See below for details.

1V / Oct Input

Enter the voltage signal to be quantized.

Shift Input

In addition to the signal that the input signal is quantized as it is, uScale also generates a quantized signal by adding the voltage input here to the input voltage of 1V / Oct.

For the output destination, press and hold [MENU] → SHIFT TARGET to select A, B, A and B.

You can also use this input to change the route of the scale by pressing and holding [SCALE] for 2 seconds.The timing to apply the shift voltage can also be selected by setting before and after passing through the scale.

The upper switch selects whether to shift only in the direction of raising the pitch or in the direction of lowering the pitch.

Output A

Outputs a quantized voltage signal.

Output B

Outputs the pitch voltage shifted by the specified pitch (interval).The interval is set by pressing and holding [INTRVL].

How the setting value in Interval affects is different depending on the setting (hold down [MENU] → set from B-MODE section).You can shift by a fixed frequency, or you can shift only within the set scale.

When you move the cursor to the screen, the role of each part is displayed in a pop-up.


uScale is a compact and musical quantizer that can convert an input signal into a set scale signal using an intuitive quantize function using keyboard-type buttons and LEDs, and can also create another melody using shifts and intervals. is.

By clicking the corresponding keyboard button and turning on the LED, uScale will bring the output voltage to the voltage corresponding to the scale of that keyboard.Pressing multiple keys will bring you to the nearest valid scale.The input corresponds to a CV spanning 0 octaves from 10-10V.Since the quantizer function uses a 16-bit converter, the pitch error is as small as 1/2000 octave or less.In addition, the LED of the selected scale lights up in red, and the LED turns green to indicate which scale the output pitch has passed, so it is very easy to operate.AlsoYou can save 1 presets in one bank, and there are 12 banks in total.The five banks come with scale presets from the beginning.

Generate two melodies with INTERVAL & SHIFT
uScale has two outputs, A and B, and can output a melody from B that is a certain scale away from output A.(interval)だ け で な く,You can also create a melody by adding the CV to the Shift input to the original input CV at the same time.They can be completely independent phrases or related phrases.