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Intellijel Designs Metropolix

¥ 61,900 (Tax excluded / tax excl)
A 8-track CV gate sequencer that utilizes modulation to create a wide variety of musical variations from just 2 steps!

Format: Eurorack
Width: 34HP
Depth: 25mm
Current: 95mA @ + 12V, 10mA @ -12V
Manual (English)
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Intellijel Metropolix is ​​a unique and powerful multitrack sequencer.With intuitive and practical controls and a variety of modulation possibilities, both internal and external, you can quickly and easily create a musical sequence with a strong presence.Many functions for creating variations and performing real-time manipulation are provided to bring monotonous melodies to life.In the studio or in live performances, Metropolix will be an important starting point for fresh ideas and killer riffs in the creative process.The following are the main features of Metropolix.

Two tracks related to each other

Two tracks are one built with a pitch slider, Pulse Count switch and Gate Type switch.As two variations of the master sequenceIt will be set.The sliders and switches for master sequence settings are the same as in previous versions of Metropolis.Based on this master sequence, each track sets the following parameter groups for each track to create all variations from counterpoint sequences to polyrhythms.

  • For each trackParameters to set.Playback direction, sequence length, number of clock divisions, swing amount, slide time, gate length, etc.Set with the white track parameter setting buttons at the bottom left of the module.
  • Sequence parameters assigned to the track.Note range, transpose, etc.It can be accessed from the track menu.For the track menu, hold down ALT and press the button of the track (A / B / Mod) you want to set.
  • Of each trackFor each stageParameters to be set. Skip ON / OFF, pitch and gate overwrite, ratchet count, playback probability, transpose accumulation, dedicated CV and other parameters for each stage.Set with the semi-transparent stage parameter setting buttons at the bottom right of the module.

8 modulation lanes

Each MOD lane is a modulation track with 8 stages of modulation value and each playback direction, length, and clock division number, and there are 8 tracks in Metropolix.Each mod laneTwo assignable outputsA, B, and a huge numberInternal modulationCan be routed ahead

AUX input and manual control knob, Mod lane output

Three AUX CV inputs to the modulation destinationSet various sequence parameterscan.Also, by assigning parameters to the two control knobs, depending on the knobManipulate sequences in real timePerformance is also possible.In terms of output, in addition to the CV / Gate output of the two main tracks, two of the eight modulation lanes can be assigned to the A and B outputs.

Loopy mode

In Loopy mode, press the stage button to sequenceInstantly loop only part of the rangeYou can play or draw the pitch set with the slider like a keyboard.

Preset function

Metropolix has 8 banks that can store 8 presets64 presets in totalCan be saved.Also, the current settings are saved in EPROM,Settings are completely saved during power on / off without saving to reset..Menu settings, button settings, etc. are always called by presets, but in addition to that, Pitch slider, Pulse Count switch, etc.Whether to recall the physical operator position as a presetCan be set for each type of operator.


Metropolix's usability is perfect for live performances, jams and sketches.The key parameters are readily accessible and a single slider or switch can make a big difference to the entire sequence.

How to Use

(Detailed explanation will be added in February)