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Intellijel Designs 4U Palette Case 104HP (Silver)

¥55,900 (Tax excluded ¥ 50,818)
Space-saving, portable, functional desktop modular case

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The 1U "TILE" format module made by Synthrotek or Pulp Logic cannot be installed in this 1U part.Use only the 1U format module advocated by Intellijel. For Intellijel 1U format size specificationsArticles

* This case may have scratches or scratches on the inside of the case.


The 4U Palette case is a space-saving, portable and functional desktop modular case. With 1U space unique to Intellijel and I / O ports, multiples, and adders on the top, you can build a small modular system without taking up 3U space for utilities. 

Main features of the case
  • Equipped with 3 HP of 104U Eurorack space
  • 1 HP with 104U (Intellijel standard) module space
  • Built-in jack for MIDI and audio
  • Equipped with two buffered multiples
  • Equipped with two precision summers (analog adder)
  • M3 rail with bar nut
  • Available currents are 1500mA @ 12V, 1500mA @ -12V, 500mA @ 5V.
  • The depth of the module that can be mounted is 45 mm, only 1 HP at each end is 37 mm
  • Outside dimensions: 537.7 x 204.4 x 51.3 (mm)
  • AC adapter included for use in Japan
  • 3.5mm to DIN MIDI conversion cable included
Features of utility panel
  • Equipped with two 1: 4 buffered multiples
  • Equipped with two 2: 1 precision summers
  • Stereo Line Out 1U,Pedal I / O 1U,MixupEquipped with 1 4/4 inch balanced audio jacks that can be used with
  • uMIDI 1U,andMIDI 1UEquipped with 3.5mm MIDI Input and Output that can be connected to
  • uMIDI 1U,andMIDI 1UEquipped with a USB port that can be connected to

Role and connection method of each connector
  • Power Connector for Eurorack x24: Eurorack power distribution connector. You can connect up to 24 modules.
  • MIDI (10 pin connector): MIDI 1U oruMIDI 1UAnd 10-pin ribbon cable to convert MIDI to CV or gate.
  • Audio Jacks Connector: Stereo Line Out/In 1UConnect the module to one of the connectors with a 6-pin ribbon cable and convert it to balanced audio input / output.