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Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 50K+ yen : Details

Industrial Music Electronics Piston Honda Mk III (Model 1991-3)

¥86,900 (Tax excluded ¥79,000)
2 oscillators, loading of original waveforms, dual wavetable oscillator with greatly improved power such as preset function
Format: Eurorack
Width: 17HP
Depth: 40mm
Current: 145mA @ + 12V, 45mA @ -12V
* Micro SD card is not included
Manual pdf (English)
Default wavetable


Piston Honda mkIII is a dual wavetable oscillator. Equipped with more modern functions while inheriting the Piston Honda sound tendency up to Mk2.

Dual Wavetable Oscillator

The Piston Honda Mk3 now has two oscillators, A and B, which can be controlled independently from pitch to waveform. The waveform of the oscillator is determined by specifying the X, Y, and Z values ​​with sliders in the X / Y / Z three-dimensional wavetable (2x3x8), which is Piston Honda's trademark. You can select different waveforms for OSC A and B by using the SELECT button. It is possible to set for each axis from the menu whether smooth transitions occur when selecting a waveform with a slider or CV.

If you enable Unison mode, each oscillator will have another oscillator and Unison enabled. If you enable the link mode to link the frequencies of A and B, you get unison with 4 oscillators.

Like previous versions, Piston Honda can also act as a wave shaper that processes an external input with a wavetable rather than an oscillator. Switch the mode to processor mode with the MODE button and input the signal you want to process to the FM input. In this case, the knob with the higher frequency functions as the input gain adjustment.

Original Wavetables

With Piston Honda Mk3, you can load and play your own wavetable. Open source waveform creation software developed by Synthesis TechnologywaveeditThe wavetable created by can be loaded as is. Eight 16kByte wav files in which 256x8 waveforms made from 8 32-bit samples are connected are named 8.wav, 1.wav, ... 2.wav. 8 to 1 in the wav file correspond to the Z axis. Put it in the top folder of the micro SD card, start Piston Honda Mk8 and select "" Load Waves from SD "from the option menu to load the waveform.Click here for the guidelines..

Preset and Menu

The Piston Honda Mk3 is equipped with an OLED display, which enables various menu settings and their saving / recalling. The menu is divided into an oscillator option menu (A / B independent), a global option menu, and a preset option menu. You can access the menu settings from the shortcuts below.

OSCILLATOR menu: (Hold encoder and push OSC A or B MODE button)
-Octave shift (-2 to +2)
-Unison (0 ~ 4, -OCT, + OCT)
-Presence or absence of morphing for each axis
-Waveform CV setting
-Tones (Lo-Fi settings, etc. that approach the sound quality of the previous generation Piston Honda)

OPTIONS menu:(Hold encoder and push OSC Link button)
-Preset scope (whether to load all parameters by preset or only waveform-related parameters)
-Ctl (Choose preset CV and attenuator behavior: offset, attenuator, triggered random preset generator, triggered preset advance)
-Preset mode at startup (whether to activate with preset manager enabled)
-Frequency knob function (larger knob for coarser frequency adjustment, smaller knob for finer adjustment, or vice versa)
-Read waveform from Micro SD card

PRESET menu: (Push the PRESET button while pressing the encoder)
-Randomize current parameters
-Save current parameters to preset
-Save all presets
-Recall preset
-Initialize all presets
-Initialize current preset  
The explanation of each part is displayed by mouse over