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Frap Tools Link System Cable Group to Channels

¥800 (Tax excluded ¥ 727)
Connection cable from Group to Channel in CGM series

For an overview of the CGM Creative Mixer series and general connection methodsherePlease refer to.


 Cable for connecting groups to channels (Quad Stero Channel or Stero Channel) in the CGM Creative Mixer system.For group-channel and channel-channel connections, two cables are connected in parallel, so they are sold as a set of two.

For connection, connect two pin headers in two rows on the back of the channel module and two pin headers in the same position on the board of the group.Up to 2 channel modules can be connected using this link cable.

When connected to a group, all channels share audio signal, power and controls.for that reason,Only one of the channels linked to the group is sufficient for connection to the modular power supply.

Linking Masters & Groups

Master and Group connections are required in two cases: expanding the functionality of a single Group or mixing more Groups. There are two types of Link System parts, strips and extensions, which are used according to the application. Masterone includes a Master to Group cable so you can link a group together. A Master to Group cable has three IDC connectors, one for the group, one for the master, and one for extending connections to other groups. Group to Group Extension is required for connecting groups of 2 or more, this cable has 2 IDC sockets and 3 IDC plug.Two more Groups can be linked to the Master by connecting a plug to a third Master to Group socket. Group to Group sockets are spaced to mount group configurations of approximately 1HP, allowing up to four QSCs to be linked.More GG Extensions can be concatenated to add a 2th group, or a group with a larger channel configuration (up to 2 QSCs) can be connected.


CGM Creative Mixer -Introduction and Modules Details from Frap Tools on Vimeo.