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Expert Sleepers FH-2

¥44,900 (Tax excluded ¥ 40,818)
Multi-output MIDI-CV conversion module that supports MPE and enables various controls
Format: Eurorack
Width: 8HP
Depth: 48mm
Current: 118mA @ + 12V, 48mA @ -12V
The current used by the USB device connected to this is added.Maximum supply current to USB device is 500mA
Manual (English)

Other latest firmware, manuals and web setting tools are available from Expert Sleepers.PagesPlease access from

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The FH-2 is a MIDI-CV conversion / clock module with the following features
  • MIDI to CV conversion for polyphony and MPE
  • It can function as a USB MIDI host and device at the same time. The USB device side uses USB Type-C.MIDI BreakoutIt also supports MIDI with a 5-pin DIN by contacting with
  • Velocity-compatible trigger conversion
  • VCO calibration
  • Clock generation and synchronization
  • The clock can be MIDI clock (in and out), analog clock (in and out), internal clock (BPM specified or tap tempo)
  • LFO generation (tempo sync possible)
  • Arpeggiator
  • Euclidean pattern generator
The FH-2 has 8 high precision CV outputs, and the output can increase the CV output up to 1 using the FHX-64 expander module (when using 7 FHX-1s. (FH-1 can also be used as an expander instead). AlsoFHX-8GTThe gate expander allows you to increase the number of gate / trigger / clock outputs by 64,Up to 128 outputsWill be

All module settings can be done on the main unit. You can also use the convenient web-based configuration tool. The tool communicates directly with the module using MIDI SysEx

Typical usages


Use with MIDI keyboard

By using multiple FHX-1's together, conversion for up to 16 polyphonic sounds is possible. Also supports arpeggios and keyboard splits.


Use with MPE controller

If you use multiple FHX-1s together, you can convert position and pressure information up to 16 touches.


Use with MIDI controller

Up to 1 MIDI information can be converted by using multiple FHX-64s together.


Use with Groove Box

You can also output the clock that divides the MIDI clock, Run / Stop trigger, etc.


Use with computer or iOS device

In addition to the usage described above, you can also change the settings with SysEx All of the above, plus SysEx for configuration of the FH-2.


Use as a clock generator

The FH-2 can act as the center of the clock for modular systems. Synchronous LFO etc. can be output standalone without USB connection.