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Expert Sleepers ES-8

¥ 50,900 (Tax excluded / tax excl)
12IN / 16OUT USB audio interface module! CV input / output is also fully supported. Also equipped with a mode that operates like the ES-3

Format: Eurorack
Width: 8HP
Depth: 52mm
Current: 198mA @ + 12V, 52mA @ -12V
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Manual (English)

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ES-8 is USB 2.0 class compliantAudio interface moduleis. 12 inputs and 16 outputs are possible by adding ADAT input / output. Input and output are DC couplingInput and output of both CV and audioSo, it is directly compatible with computer-based CV generation software such as Silent Way, Max / MSP, Reaktor, Ableton CV Tools, Audulus and iOS apps (we do not sell or support these software). ES-8 hasADAT input / outputBecause there is ADATES-3If you connect it toES-6,ES-7You can extend the input by connecting to. Of course, ADAT devices other than modular can also be connected.

When not connected via USB, the ES-8 is not an audio interfaceStandalone modeAnd operates as an AD / DA converter module that converts ADAT input / output and analog signals.
  • Number of input / output channels: Input x12, output x16
  • Sample rate: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz
  • The ES-8 has a high quality clock and can optionally be synchronized with the clock from the ADAT input.
  • Audio sample: 24 bit
  • Output Jack: 8x3.5mm TS Jack, DC coupled output
  • Maximum output voltage: approx. +/- 10V DC
  • Analog Input Jack: 4x3.5mm TS Jack, DC coupled input
  • Input voltage range: approx. +/- 10V
  • Digital input / output: 1xADAT input, 1xADAT output
  • Expansion header: 1xES-5 socket, 1xES-6 socket
  • USB socket: Type B
  • Driver support: USB2.0 (no driver installation required for macOS and iOS, Windows 7,8,10 Windows driverherePlease download from and install. )


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