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Expert Sleepers ES-40

¥21,900 (Tax excluded ¥19,909)
Interface module that connects S / PDIF and analog signals using an expander. You can integrate the PC and modular without MIDI.

Format: Eurorack
Width: 6HP
Depth: 51mm
Current: 26mA @ + 12V, (Depends on sample rate: 96mA @ + 32V at 12kHz)

Manual (English)


This module is different from ES-3, and is a plugin of Expert Sleepers to use. Silent Way Is required.Please note that our store does not sell or support such software.

The ES-40 is a module for converting standard S / PDIF input signals to the five output expander headers, and outputting the signals from the input headers as S / PDIF signals. In the output expander headerESX-8CVYou can connect an ESX series module such as a or an ESX-8GT, and connect an ES-7 to the input expander header. Use the ES-40 Controller bundled with Silent Way to configure the ES-4.

Connection header. In the photo, the upper left is the input header, and the others are the output headers.

The ES-40 cannot perform any function by itself, but it can be used in combination with the expander module to do the following.  
  • 8 channel general CV -By connecting the ESX-40CV to the ES-8, it becomes a flexible and general modular CV controller.
  • 8 CV / gate pairs -Connecting the ES-40CV and ESX-8GT to the ES-8 can be used as a CV / Gate output for eight mono synths or the dream 8-voice polymodular synth.
  • 8 drum triggers -If you connect the ESX-40GT to the ES-8, you can use it as a trigger for a drum module, etc., and it is possible to output 8 triggers that are guaranteed to be synchronized with the DAW with sample accuracy. If you connect the ESX-5GT to all five output headers, you can output 8 triggers!
  • MIDI and DINsync signals -By connecting the ESX-40MD to the ES-8, it can be used as a jitter-free multi-port MIDI interface that synchronizes with sample accuracy.
  • Digital audio signal -By connecting ES-40 to ES-7 (via input header), 24-channel digital signals obtained by AD converting modular audio (or CV) with 2-bit are taken out from the S / PDIF output, and the audio interface It can be sent to S / PDIF input, etc.


Introduction to the Expert Sleepers ES-40 from Andrew Ostler on Vimeo.

Expert Sleepers ES-40 / ESX-8CV / ESX-8GT demo from Andrew Ostler on Vimeo.

Expert Sleepers ESX-8GT mk2 demo from Andrew Ostler on Vimeo.