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Expert Sleepers Beatrix

¥30,900 (Tax excluded ¥28,091)
Equipped with frequency offset control.Analog phaser with discrete transistor OTA

Format: Eurorack
Width: 8HP
Depth: 37mm
Current: 22mA @ + 12V, 21mA @ -12V

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Expert Sleepers Beatrix is ​​a voltage-controllable analog phaser for Eurorack.This unit, which implements a discrete transistor OTA circuit, provides CV control for notch frequency, effect depth, and feedback (resonance), as well as a unique offset control that allows the filter notch to be swept without sweeping the resonant frequency. Offers.It also has two additional features: a Phase switch that allows the module to be used like a resonant peak filter, and a Sum switch that allows you to obtain different phasing effects by inverting the filtered signal.Self-oscillation is also possible with high feedback settings if needed.


The Beatrix I / O jack lights red for positive voltage and blue for negative voltage.The audio signal looks purple because the plus and minus alternate quickly.Inputs with attenuators are dotted with jacks and corresponding attenuator knobs. Beatrix I / O jacks are arranged from top to bottom as shown below. 

  • Frequency CV input.With attenuator
  • Frequency Offset CV input
  • Depth CV input
  • Feedback CV input
  • Audio input.With attenuator
  • Audio output


The Beatrix front panel has two attenuators plus a Frequency knob (blue), a Feedback knob (yellow), and a Depth knob (gray). The "Phase" switch enables the phaser effect.This effect creates a unique frequency response by adding an out-of-phase copy of itself to the input signal. When the Phase switch is in the "2" position, two signals are added to create a phasing effect.When the switch is in the "1" position, only the out-of-phase signals flow to the output, so the phasing effect does not occur, but the filtering effect can be expected.This is especially useful when setting high feedback. The "Sum" switch simply produces two different sounds by controlling whether or not the out-of-phase signal is inverted before it is added to the original signal.You can get the traditional phaser effect by setting the switch to the "+" position. Beatrix can also self-oscillate with high feedback settings, but the feedback control on the front panel has been trimmed to prevent self-oscillation at the factory.