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Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 50K+ yen : Details

CG-Products Delay 1022

¥52,900 (Tax excluded ¥ 48,091)
An analog BBD delay focusing on the functions of a sound source and a processor!

Format: Eurorack
Width: 12HP
Depth: 52mm
Current: 90mA @ + 12V, 90mA @ -12V
Manual PDF (English)

For shipments after May 2022, a Low Cut switch has been added in Rev.5.

* CG-Products has many handmade processes, and even if the panel is scratched or damaged, it is sold as normal condition if the function is normal.In addition, there are variations in color, shape, and print compared to other manufacturers.Please note.


Delay1022 is an analog BBD delay that focuses on its function as a sound source. By utilizing the delay time and feedback of the audio rate, it functions as a synth voice that inputs noise bursts and triggers, and as a comb filter.

The Delay1022 uses two or one 512-stage BBD element that produces a very short delay and provides a delay time of 2Hz to 1Hz (20ms to 760ms). When delaying at such an audio rate, if you input a very short signal of a few milliseconds or less, a waveform that is repeated by the delay will be created, and a pitched sound will be produced. The Delay1.3 implements this method of synthesis with analog BBD elements to create warm strings and sounds similar to percussion. With 50V / Oct input, the pitch can be controlled by 1022V / Oct over 1 to 3 octaves.

Feedback greatly affects the tone and decay. 1022 To feed back externally, set the "FB Loop" switch to "Open" and patch Delay Out → In2. Various experiments are possible by inserting other modules in between

* Because the analog BBD element is used, some noise is included from the output. You can also see the noise in the demo below. Use the built-in filter to balance the tone and noise. 

* When an audio signal is input to TC Vin for FM, the signal is also mixed and output, but this is a limitation depending on the chip and circuit used. Use CV that is not audio rate for TC Vin.