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centrevillage Cosmos Quencer

¥38,500 (Tax excluded ¥ 35,000)
A unique sequencer that can create modified Euclidean and LFO-like pitch sequences that can also produce rhythm deviations

Format: Eurorack
Width: 12HP
Depth: mm
Current: 110mA@+12V, 5mA@-12V, 5mA@5V
Manual Pdf (English)


Cosmos Quencer is a phrase generation sequencer specialized for real-time performance.Based on the experiments in the C Quencer series so far, it has been redesigned from scratch to make it easier to handle in live performance and to generate a wider variety of phrases.There is no need to prepare sequence data in advance to play music.Like jazz improvisation, just pick a scale and play the sequence the way you want it.

Creating Sequence

Phrase generation in Cosmos Quencer consists of rhythm pattern generation and pitch pattern generation.Rhythm pattern generation is standard Euclidean Rythm in the Eurorack module It is based on the Bias parameteris added and extended to allow rhythmic bias.We call this method Biased Euclidean Rythm.

FIg. Biased Euclidean Rythm

The pitch pattern is generated by modulating 16 pitch sequences prepared in advance with various parameters and finally performing scale quantization.

We call this Quantizer Based Sequence.

Fig. Quantizer-based sequence

If you've ever used an LFO with a Scale Quantizer as a sequencer, the image is similar.

In addition to the basic phrase generation methods described above, this unit can generate a wider variety of phrases using the following methods.

  • Randomize each parameter
  • External input modulation for each parameter
  • Scene chains for each parameter lock
  • Synthesis with external CV/GATE input
  • Recording of external CV/GATE input

The generated rhythm patterns and pitch patterns can be output as waveforms from the OSC output as well as signal output from the GATE and CV jacks.