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Boredbrain Music Optx

¥44,900 (Tax excluded ¥ 40,818)
Bidirectional ADAT converter for Eurorack systems

Format: Eurorack
Width: 8HP
Depth: 38mm
Current: 78mA @ + 12V, 78mA @ -12V
Manual Pdf (English)


Boredbrain Music Optx is a compact, bi-directional ADAT lightpipe converter for Eurorack synthesizers.It extends 8-channel I / O to many professional audio interfaces on the market and provides noise-free interconnection between Eurorack systems on its own.

  • Eight analog inputs encoded into ADAT Lightpipe
  • Decode ADAT Lightpipe to 8 analog outputs
  • Supports both CV and audio signalsDC coupling output.Input is AC coupling (corrected 2021/10/29)
  • 44.1kHz / 48kHz internal sample clock or external synchronization can be selected
  • Dual LEDs that indicate the strength and polarity of the output signal
  • 24 bits
  • Fully compatible with input / output levels ± 10 V (20 Vpp) and modular levels


ADAT Encoding & Decoding

Some audio interfaces allow you to add I / O channels by having one or more sets of ADAT expansion ports. Optx leverages these ports for multi-channel connectivity with Eurorack systems.This unit outputs 1-channel ADAT-encoded digital signals.Rx Received via TOSLINK terminal (via optical cable),Convert to 8 individual analog signalsOUT 1-8Output from the jack.Conversely,IN 1-8Receives 8 individual analog signals from the jack and converts them to 8-channel ADAT encoded digital signalsTxOutput from the terminal.

DC-Coupled Outputs

All analog outputs of this unit are DC coupling specifications, and can handle both audio signals (AC) and control voltage (DC) signals.Therefore, when used in conjunction with software such as Bitwig Studio or Ableton CV Tools, Optx acts as an interface for 1V / Oct pitch CVs and gate signals, or modulator outputs such as LFOs and ADSRs.

Sample Clock Synchronization

This unit has three options for synchronizing the sample clock, which can be selected with a switch.

  • 44.1 --- 44.1kHz internal clock generation and synchronization
  • EXT --Synchronize with external clock from Rx ADAT signal
  • 48 --- 48kHz internal clock generation and synchronization

If the switch is set to EXT, the EXT SYNC LED will illuminate when Rx detects a valid sample clock.


Signal LEDs

You can visually check the signal from OUT 1-8.Each white LED indicates the polarity of the signal (left: -Ve, right: + Ve) and its relative strength (± 10V).Audio rate signals typically have both LEDs lit consecutively, but LFOs more clearly alternate between the two LEDs.At gates, triggers, and positive electrode envelopes, only the right LED (+ Ve) is normally lit.