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Befaco Crush Delay v3

¥36,900 (Tax excluded ¥ 33,545)
Echo / delay that creates a variety of textures with the Crush function that applies circuit bending technology

Format: Eurorack
Width: 11HP
Depth: 30mm
Current: 115mA @ + 12V, 65mA @ -12V
Manual Pdf (English)
Manual Pdf (Japanese)

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The Befaco Crush Delay is a digital echo / delay unit based on the PT2399IC chip. Controlled by circuit bending technology, the PT2399 offers a clean delay of 400ms and dirty iterations of up to 2s, with the special ability to produce noisy and glitchy textures. 

  • Signal input with VCA
  • Clean delay with extended time range
  • Three different crash modifiers based on circuit bending technology
  • VC feedback with automatic gain control



Signal Path

Crush DelayInReturnThere are two inputs, both of which flow to the Delay circuit after passing through a dedicated VCA. The main difference between the two inputs isInThe input signal to is sent not only to the Delay circuit but also to the Dry / Wet circuit, and the output balance between the original sound and the processed signal can be controlled.

The signal processed by the Delay circuit is affected by the Crush section.This degrades the signal in a way that depends on the combination of the three Crush Switches and the corresponding Crush Input gate signal.

After processing in the Delay circuit, the signal is routed to three different paths.The first one isDry / WetWill be mixed with the original input signal (In) before being sent to the main output.The second is another VCA (Feedback) And back to the Delay circuit, which controls the length of the delay tail of the Wet signal.The third isSendOnly the Wet signal is sent directly to the output. If you process the Send signal with an effect from an external module and patch its output to ReturnExternal feedbackYou can easily create patches that pass through external effects each time you give feedback.

Time control

Time is the main parameter of the Delay circuit and sets how long the incoming signal is delayed.This parameter is affected by a special circuit bending technique (Crush circuit) that destroys the signal in the slowest cycle. A clean delay is introduced to the left from the center position of the Time knob, and Crush is introduced by increasing the value to the right. You can also control the amount of Crush contained in the Wet signal by using the dedicated Time CV input that accepts ± 10V.

Crush Circuit

The Crush section is the most unique feature of Crush Delay and consists of three Crush modifiers designed using circuit bending technology.These modifiers affect the behavior of the Delay circuit, allowing you to create a variety of tones and noise sounds.Each modifier can be enabled manually via a dedicated switch or by sending a gate signal to a dedicated gate input. The threshold of Gate In is3Vis.Combined with modifiers, you'll have access to a vast palette of noise and textures that can be used in a variety of ways, from ambient / drone patches to percussive sounds.