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Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 50K+ yen : Details

Bastl Instruments Neo Trinity

¥49,940 (Tax excluded ¥45,400)
6-channel modulation hub with assignable LFO/envelope/knob recording

Format: Eurorack
Width: 8HP
Depth: 24mm
Current: 100mA @ + 12V, 35mA @ -12V

Japanese manual (PDF)
Quick start guide (PDF)

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NEO TRINITY is a 6 channel modulation hub. Each channel can be individually configured as an LFO, envelope generator, or CV knob recorder, and main parameters can be automated with the REC button.

Draw a variety of LFOs and envelopes, CV mode is also equipped with a quantizer function, a trigger generator with algorithm fill and recording functions, you can change the waveform, number of steps, offset, etc., and you can also set clock synchronization and mute for each channel. is. Of course, you can save entire presets as banks.

The core mechanics of the module are simple, but things get more complex as you modulate RATE, VCA, TRIG, Sample & Hold from the assignable CV inputs, utilize the Reset input, and explore self-patching possibilities. You can guide NEO TRINITY to the desired action.

With the best design, all the CV/modulation you want is condensed into an 8HP size. A compact masterpiece with ever-changing polymetric patches that can stimulate any inspiration.

  • 6ch CV/modulation hub (each channel can be set to LFO, ENV, CV)
  • Unipolar (0 to 5V) or bipolar (-5V to +5V) can be set for each channel.
  • LFO with smoothing function: SAW, Triangle(Sine), Ramp, Pulse, Random
  • LFO range: 260s–180Hz
  • LFO sync (RATE knob can be used as a divider)
  • ENV shape: Decay, Attack, Variable, Pulse
  • ENV range: 1ms–8s
  • ENV retrigger (or no retrigger)
  • ENV slew limiter mode (or AHR envelope w/gate)
  • CV mode w/quantize (ON/OFF, 8 scale, 2V or 5V range, smoothing)
  • Automable RATE knob and trigger sequence (all modes)
  • Set automation length for each channel (2 to 64 steps)
  • Clock quantization can be enabled or disabled for trigger recording.
  • Algorithm trigger fill generator (6 algorithms with knob parameters)
  • Mute function for each channel (optimized for performance!)
  • 6 banks of memory (all settings and automation)
  • Clock reset input for automation (can be turned off for each channel)
  • CLK channel: Tempo setting, external clock divide/multiply
  • Internal clock generator: 35 BPM to 420 BPM
  • CLK IN and CLK OUT terminals
  • META IN CV input – CV input that can be assigned to individual channels or all channels
  • Channels E and F now have dedicated CV inputs
  • Added adjustments to all CV inputs: positive/negative, attenuated RATE modulation, bipolar VCA on channel output, TRIG input (through input), sample & hold (triggered step waveform)
  • Firmware can be updated via USB-C terminal
  • User calibration of output and input (for quantizer accuracy)