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Bastl Instruments Ikarie

¥46,640 (Tax excluded ¥42,400)
Stereo analog filter that controls two cutoffs simultaneously with one knob

Format: Eurorack
Width: 8HP
Depth: 35mm
Current: 100mA @ + 12V, 95mA @ -12V

Japanese manual (PDF)

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IKARIE is a stereo/dual peak analog filter module with unique tuning and design. Continuously variable low-pass and high-pass filtering with a single knob greatly increases real-time performance possibilities. The envelope follower also expands the variety of sounds.

The two filter circuits can be synchronously modulated in the stereo domain, separated or chained together to form a 2dB filter for unique stereo effects.
By using only the monaural output of the filter, IKARIE operates as a "dual peak filter" and can reproduce formant-type sounds that are just like a "voice." Furthermore, the Beyond output allows the device to be used as a "twin peak filter" due to the difference in the spectra of the two filters.IKARIE is a filter, but it has a VCA added to the output stage, so you can manipulate the sound in any vector.

This module is a collaboration between Bastl Instruments (Václav Peloušek) and Casper Electronics (Peter Edwards). Attention to detail gives this filter a uniquely balanced resonance and envelope response, while a high-performance filter design with BASTL's unique control scheme puts it all in one hand. I started spinning.

  • 2 parallel filter cores (left & right channels)
  • 12dB/oct state variable filter topology
  • Unique low-pass/high-pass switching control method
  • Balanced voltage controlled resonance circuit
  • Envelope follower with 3 decay settings
  • Up to 5x input gain
  • Stereo modulation (filter detune/panning)
  • “Twin peak filter” spectrum with beyond output
  • Modulation Attenuverter
  • v/oct input (trim control accessible from front panel)
  • Stereo VCA circuit installed in the output section