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Audio Damage Spectre

End of production
Stereo FFT freeze module! Also useful for creating ambient soundscapes.

Format: Eurorack
Width: 6HP
Depth: 23mm
Current: 50mA @ + 12V, 9mA @ -12V

Specter Info Sheet


Specter is a processor module that modulates and outputs sound by manipulating the frequency information of input audio. FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation) is used for frequency analysis.

With Specter, you can control input audio using trigger or gate signal buttons.FreezeThen, frequency shifting (SHIFT) and stereo widening (BLUR) are performed on the input audio at that time, mixed with the original sound (MIX), and output. When not frozen, you can hear 100% original sound. Infinite mode will always be in a frozen state, and the frozen audio will be updated depending on the trigger. When not in Infinite mode, it is frozen only while the gate input is ON.

It's great for creating glitchy rhythms, or creating stereo droning soundscapes.

The internal DSP processes 24-bit/48kHz signals, and firmware updates are also possible via the USB port on the back.


Jacks & Knobs


A knob and CV input that control the frequency shift of the input audio. How the pitch is shifted depends on the BIN/PITCH switch; in PITCH mode, the pitch is shifted within a range of ±1 octave while maintaining the harmonic relationship. When in BIN mode, the harmonic relationship is not maintained, but the shift range becomes wider.


A Blur control knob and CV input that mixes noise components into the audio to create a stereo effect.


This is a knob and CV input that mixes the processed audio and the original sound.

Trigger Control

Trigger/gate input and button to control freezing of input audio. When Infinite is in the OFF position, the input audio will be frozen when the gate to the trigger input is ON. Audio is always frozen when in Infinite mode, and when a trigger is input, the frozen input audio is updated.

Infinite Switch

This is a switch to turn Infinite mode on and off. How you use freeze and trigger input changes depending on whether you use Infinite mode or not.

Bin/Pitch Switch

If you want to perform frequency shifts while maintaining pitch harmony, use Pitch mode.

Input & Output

Stereo signal input/output. For mono signals, use the Left channel.