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ALM Busy Squid Salmple

¥ 54,900 (Tax excluded / tax excl)
8-channel sampler inspired by early hardware samplers

Format: Eurorack
Width: 19HP
Depth: 38mm
Current: 300mA @ + 12V, 35mA @ -12V
Manual (English)


Squid Slample is a sampler that supports 8-channel audio and CV playback. Designed for easy real-time sampling and editing. Inspired by early hardware samplers, it has an easy-to-use and intuitive interface using an encoder. FurtherCV sampling capability, numerous CV controllable parameters, save and recall via USBThe modern modular essence is added.

The included USB stick comes preloaded with carefully selected 90 banks of samples, from classic drum machine sounds to quirky synth sounds to field recordings. Samples by artists such as Mumdance, Solid Blake, Russell Haswell, Lauren Flax, Dave Burraston (NYZ), Sue Zuki, Dungeon Acid, Sasha Lewis, Andrew Duff are also included.
  • ❏ Equipped with 8 independent channels, 4 DC coupling outputs and 1 mix AC coupling output
  • ❏ The sampling input jack can sample CV and audio, and line level sampling is also possible.
  • ❏ Each channel can load up to approximately 11 seconds of sample. Stored in low latency memory at mono, 16 bit, 44.1khz
  • ❏ Each channel has the following parameters that can be adjusted in real time; bit depth, sampling rate, playback speed (pitch), volume (with simple envelope), loop with crossfade, playback direction, start and end points. , Multiple queue groups
  • ❏ It has 3 assignable CV inputs and can be assigned to any of multiple parameters. 6,7,8 channels additionally have dedicated 1v / oct input for pitch control
  • ❏ Sampling initialization and sampling channel selection can be automated by patching.
  • ❏ Samples can be saved on a USB stick in normal Wav format, 8 banks can be switched immediately (1 banks can be stored per USB stick)