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ALM Busy Akemie's Castle

¥99,900 (Tax excluded ¥90,818)
4 operator digital FM oscillator with YAMAHA IC chip voltage controllable! Chords with up to 5 notes are also possible.

Format: Eurorack
Width: 38HP
Depth: 32mm
Current: 120mA @ + /-12V (including power supply header)
Manual (English)


※please note
Due to the nature of the original chip, clicking sounds may be mixed when moving the operator level knob. Even if the level is small, it may not be completely 0.
Also, due to the nature of the chip, it may generate a large amount of aliasing noise and distortion at extreme settings.

Akemie's Castle is a dual oscillator that produces a tone by a digital FM algorithm using 4 operators. For the FM chip that is the core that determines the soundYAMAHA vintage (NOS) chipsUsing, it is possible to completely control the voltage of the authentic FM sound.

In digital FM synthesis, the oscillator that modulates the frequency of the main oscillator (carrier) is called the operator. By making the frequency of the operator an integral multiple of the carrier, it is possible to modulate while maintaining the pitch (similar to so-called phase modulation). The frequency ratio with the operator's oscillator is called the Multiplier.

Combine operators6 types of algorithmsYou can choose from. Each operator individuallyWaveform, frequency ratio (Multiplier), modulation levelCan be controlled with the knob and CV. A wide variety of tones can be produced by a variety of algorithms and oscillator feedback control.

In oscillator AChords up to 5 notesThe turn code can be specified by voltage. It has the following features.
  • Eurorack's first authentic 4-operator FM synthesis with voltage control capability
  • Two outputs that can be used independently or in combination
  • YAMAHA NOS IC chip for 4 operators / 6 algorithms / 8 waveforms / feedback FM FM synthesis sound
  • Rich chord mode that can output up to 5 notes and can be turned
  • Power reverse connection prevention function
  • Designed and Made in the UK.
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