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Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 50K+ yen : Details

4ms Shaped Dual EnvVCA (Demo)

original price ¥49,900
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Top model of the EnvVCA series with dual modulation and waveshaping functions

Format: Eurorack
Width: 20HP
Depth: --mm
Current: 255mA @ + 12V, 230mA @ -12V

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The Dual Shaped EnvVCA is an analog function generator with a low-noise exponential VCA that can be patched to act as an LFO, slew limiter, VCA, envelope generator, trigger delay, quirky filter or oscillator.

Positioned as the top model of the EnvVCA series, this unit features envelope shaping capabilities, a trigger mode change function, and a dedicated 5V linear output for each channel, making it an essential function for delicate sound making. is packaged. 

  • ShapeAnalog wave shaping via sliders and CV input can vary while keeping rise and fall times constant
  • trigger modeSwitch selectable Trigger jack function from AR, ASR, Cycle
  • Independent5VEquipped with a linear output of
  • Provides full control of Env jack outputLevelOffsetKnob
  • Individual envelope normalized to the built-in envelope for each channelVCA CVEquipped with input.
  • A shared loop that controls the loop state of each channelCycleジ ャ ッ ク
  • Generate a signal that combines the peaks of both channelsAnalog ORoutput
  • Rise/Fall Time using each slider and 3-position switch12 msから20 minutescontrol between
  • Generates a linear shaped envelope (ramp/triangle wave)
  • Equipped with separate attenuverters for Rise Time and Fall Time CV control
  • One-shot waveform generation by Trigger jack, or Cycle jack that can be turned on/off by gate input
  • FollowWhen a signal is input to the jack, a voltage that follows it is output.This allows for slew limiting, ASR and unique filtering effects.
  • End of Rise and End of Fall, two Gate outputs
  • independent of audio and VCA levelsApproxLevel slider to control jack output level
  • DC-coupled design that can also handle control voltages