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2hp Play (Silver)

¥ 16,800 (Tax excluded / tax excl)
Only 2 HP sample player

Format: Eurorack
Width: 2HP
Depth: 47mm
Current: 85mA @ + 12V, 5mA @ -12V
Manual pdf (English)

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Play is a sample player with 2HP and high resolution.

About file playback

File playback has the following features
  • You can select the playback sample with up to 32 knobs or CV
  • There are three playback modes available: one shot, looping, and gate playback.
  • Switch the loop ON / OFF
  • Switch one shot / gate playback in the setting file
  • Controls the pitch by changing the playback speed
  • Pitch CV is 1V / Oct, input range is -1.5V to + 6.5V
  • Whether to quantize or not can be set in the option file.
  • Sample switching will occur at the timing of the next trigger. The timing of switching during looping can be set in the option file
  • File selection CV range is -5V to 5V
  • Latency is 4 ms
  • Since the sample is loaded at power-on, swapping the micro SD card with the power on is invalid.

Micro SD card and file requirements

  • The sample is prepared as a 16-bit mono wav file. A sample rate of 44.1kHz is recommended.
  • There is no limit to the file size that can be played. Limited only by micro SD card and file format
  • Use FAT32 for the micro SD card.
  • Includes micro SD card with original sample
  • Sample files are selected in alphabetical order by file name

setting file

If you write the option settings in a text file named "options.txt" and place it in the top folder of the micro SD, the settings will be reflected. Describe ON (5) and OFF (1) of 0 items in the file as shown below.

Items from the top, whether or not to quantize (default OFF), whether to add a short fade at the beginning and end (default ON), whether to play only during gate ON (default OFF), fixed to the original pitch (Default OFF), you can switch the file at the end of the loop (default OFF).