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Intellijel Designs Jellysquasher

End of production
Analog compressor module that can color the sound

Format: Eurorack
Width: 18HP
Depth: 42mm
Current: 134mA @ + 12V, 120mA @ -12V

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An analog compressor module that allows you to add warm color to your sound in a variety of ways.
  • 100% analog signal path with sidechain inputs
  • Peak detection by logarithmic RMS
  • The output is sent to an Edcore transformer for a good saturation effect.
  • You can choose from three different analog circuits to add special coloring to the output signal.
    TUBE: Distortion that mainly adds second harmonics
    TAPE: Symmetrical distortion that adds both even and odd orders
    XFRM: Fixed transformer feedback circuit to enhance bass
  • It is possible to activate multiple circuits with three colors at the same time, and they respond differently depending on the input level and make-up gain.
  • The side chain allows you to trigger compression on a signal other than the input signal. (Typically a kick is used as a trigger to compress the bass etc.)
  • The side chain input is sent to a voltage controllable filter, and the filter can be selected from low pass, band pass, and high pass (without + filter). The resonance (Q) of the filter is adjustable with a trimmer on the board. The output of this filter can also be taken independently from the VCF output.
  • Two Jelly squashers can be used as a stereo compressor by connecting Link IN / OUT
  • You can control the voltage of the side chain filter cutoff, threshold, ratio, attack / release time, and makeup gain.
  • Wet / Dry controls allow parallel compression mixed with uncompressed signals.
  • The LED bar graph allows signal level VU monitoring or gain reduction monitoring. The two roles can be switched by a switch.


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