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Intellijel Designs Atlantis

End of production
An SH-101 type + α full-scale synthesizer module that can be used as a normal synth without patching! !!

Format: Eurorack
Width: 40HP
Depth: 38mm
Current: 214mA @ + 12V, 196mA @ -12V

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Atlantis is a full-fledged all-in-one type synthesizer module that is greatly inspired by the sound and structure of the Roland SH-101 and adds many more ideas. Includes parts such as the main oscillator, sub oscillator, modulator, filter, VCA, envelope, LFO (also usable as an additional VCO), because they are originally wired internally (semi-modular),Can be used as a normal synth without patching,You can immediately produce that rich bass and lead sound of a character similar to SH-101. furtherTaking advantage of being modular,
  • -Modulate from another module
  • -Process the sound with a module other than Atlantis and return the signal.
  • -Use Atlantis filters and envelopes as a single function for patching other modules.
You can do things like that in Eurorack.  

Panel Controls


The explanation of each part is displayed by mouse over  
Oscillator (VCO) & Modulator (MOD)
The oscillator is a type of triangle core that Intellijel is good at, and it is also very suitable for FM. In addition to the main oscillator, there is another oscillator (modulator) that can be used as an LFO or VCO. The modulator can also apply FM to the oscillator and can also synchronize with the oscillator. When the modulator is in VCO mode,FM of the oscillator by the modulator is possible only by raising the VCO MOD slideris. By taking advantage of the semi-modular, it is easy to take out the modulator signal, pass it through the VCA module, etc., and then return it to the MOD input of the VCO or VCF to control the amount of modulation. Also of the oscillatorPitch adjustment is in octave units, so sudden octave changes are easier than with ordinary oscillator modulesIt is also useful for soberness.

Link mode
If you turn on the "LINK" switch in the modulator section, the pitch of the modulator will be relative to the pitch of the main VCO.Pitch intervalIt becomes the mode to specify. In this mode, for example, the modulator will always be able to specify the pitch 7 semitones above the main oscillator, for example, with the FINE knob in the MOD section. Can be found. If you do the FM as described above in this mode,You can generate complex overtones while maintaining the pitch feeling, and control it more delicately than normal FM.If you want to make delicate changes, set the VCO section LIN / EXP switch to LIN. Use of link mode is a recommended function that is not available on the original SH-101.

Mixer (MIX)
The sound before entering the filter is mixed with the slider in the mixer section. You can mix pulse, saw, sub oscillator, noise, and external input. External input isSine wave when Jack is not stuckIt is internally connected so that it can be replaced with. You can also use it as a 2VCO synth by putting the modulator signal out into EXT In.

Filter (VCF)
Of course the filterRoland style cascade filterIt is a low pass, band pass and high pass multimode 4 Pole filter. When you turn on the LP Boost switch, you can produce a stable and fat sound that will not cause the volume to become unstable during resonance. ON and OFF, both modes are well tuned so that each has its own turn. The sine wave that appears during self-oscillation is very clean, and it also supports pitch specification at 1V / Oct. The main VCO, modulator, sub-oscillator, filter (when self-oscillating), and there are four sound sources in this module.

One envelope and ADSR type. There are two time ranges that can be switched with a switch. Pressing the red button again brings up the envelope, soMake sound only by operating the main unitcan do. Envelope loopsCycle modeCan also be selected with a switch. If VCA is set to GATE mode and the envelope is set to CYCLE mode, the volume will not be enveloped and the sound will continue to be output. The VCA has a DRIVE switch that clips the sound,You can warm and distort the sound.

Difference from SH
Atlantis is the core of the oscillator and is the triangle core. Also, since the main oscillator has a linear FM input, including the link modeFM sound came out pretty clearly in Atlantis.Filters are multi-mode, 4/2 Pole can be switched, LP Boost switch etc. are the points that evolved with Atlantis. Other improvements have been made in various ways such as external input mix normalized to sine wave, envelope loop mode and time range switching, VCA clip switching switch, and above all, being modular.