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Free domestic shipping over 15,000 yen | FREE DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS 50K+ yen : Details

Intellijel Designs 7U Performance Case (104HP)

¥139,900 (Tax excluded ¥127,182)
7U / 104HP case with a lid and power supply that is packed with features to enhance modular performance
The 1U "TILE" format module made by Synthrotek or Pulp Logic cannot be installed in this 1U part.Use only the 1U format module advocated by Intellijel. For Intellijel 1U format size specificationsClick here for the guidelines..
* This case may have small scratches or scratches due to manufacturing, mainly on the lid part.


It is a case with 3HP power lid that has two 2U spaces and one 1U space on the top. Various improvements have been made to improve the performance of the modular. AC adapter is included in addition to the lid.
  • 1U (Intellijel standard) module centering on utility system can be installed in 1U space. The power supply is the same as the 3U module.
  • Rails use M3 bar nuts
  • Robust plastic carry handle
  • Comes with an aluminum lid that has been treated with an adjunct, and can be installed as a patch
  • Folding legs allow you to place it with two levels of incline. You can also lay it flat.
  • With accessory slots on the top and bottom, you can attach an optional joint
  • Audio I/O 1UStereo Line Out 1U,Pedal I / O 1UEquipped with a 1/4 inch audio jack that can be used with the rear panel (upper side). The audio jack part has been newer than the sales since the summer of 2019. Detail isClick here for the guidelines..
  • uMIDI 1Uor sending us a message onMIDI 1UEquipped with MIDI In, Thru, and USB terminals on the rear panel (upper side) that are connected with a ribbon cable. There is also a MIDI Out terminal, which may be used in the future
  • Equipped with a DC jack for connecting the AC adapter and a power switch on the rear panel (upper side)
  • Weight is 4.3 kg including lid (4.7 kg including AC adapter)
  • The maximum module depth that can be installed is 70 mm and 53 mm on the bus board. The bus board is mounted on the bottom of the 3U lower side, so the upper side is all 70 mm deep
  • The power bus board is TPS80WMAX, and the current upper limit is 3A @ 12V, 3A @ -12V, 1.5A @ 5V. 28 modules can be connected
  • AC adapter for Japan included